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Wouldn't it be nice if you could order a simple, high integrity piece of software that exactly matched your requirements?  To be safe in the knowledge that it would neither hang up nor cost many times your original highest budget figure with all the contingency added.  To have software that does not take longer than twice the overall project time to complete.  To have software that meets the original requirement rather than waiting for version 2.27.18 to be loaded and still be disappointed.






The Waterfall model is a Project Managerís dream as the process is all downhill and in one direction.  Once a box has been agreed and completed, it is never revisited.  Unfortunately it bears little similarity to the real world.







The V model is an attempt to represent reality but often the processes represented by the yellow bars are left out.  The model gives Project Managers the illusion of progress culminating in success.  In reality, if the project is completed, it is unlikely to satisfy the end userís need, whereas endeavouring to meet this need causes the project to fail leaving the end user with nothing.



Modern operating systems and high level languages allow software engineers to produce large amounts of code very quickly.  The sacrifice paid for such high productivity is a lack of control and understanding on just what the software is doing at any particular time and the detail on how it achieves the outcome.  Multithreaded programming techniques generate highly efficient runtime code but control is passed over to a scheduler or operating system working to an unknown philosophy. 


If you approach a surgeon with a medical problem, it is not surprising to find the solution involves an operation.  Likewise, approaching a software house will automatically result in a software solution being proposed.   However, HPA distribute the functional requirements between both hardware and software, producing a system determined by the functional needs not the capabilities of the provider.


HPA have designed safety critical monitoring and control systems that render the safety function requirement in hardware and realise the graphical display and monitoring aspects in software which can be accomplished using off-the-shelf windows packages.  HPA has considerable experience in specialised control and monitoring software applications and legacy systems such as Argus computers.